Be Original

Monday, May 13, 2013

Haunted Swamp, Louisiana

One of the last stops of my Southern tour--at a "haunted" swamp.

Gator trying to keep out of the cold.

What a beautiful swamp.

Caught this critter just before it scurried away.

I guess the only thing "haunted" about the swamp is this graveyard right smack in the middle of it.
People come to pay their respects almost every day. Not sure who's buried here though.

Was on a riverboat like this.

Spanish moss hanging from the trees, very characteristic of the New Orleans and Louisiana landscape.

A model Cajun trapper's house--it looks straight out of Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Our guide is an nth generation true blue Cajun with an accent to boot. 
He's a trapper in his free time.

 Another cold gator.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Laura Plantation

After the opulence of Oak Alley, here's a more intimate Creole plantation that was run by 5 generations of women. Not all of them were nice. Laura Plantation was also where Alcee Fortier compiled the Louisiana Creole versions of Brer Rabbit (Compair Lapin).

Banana trees in the plantation.

The grounds at Laura Plantation were not as well manicured as Oak Alley but it did lend
more authenticity to how an actual working plantation would have looked like. 

Wine cellar. Not sure why they chose to make this creepy mannequin 
part of the display.

Outdoor kitchen. In any plantation, all cooking is done outside of the main house.

The five generations of women who ruled Laura Plantation. The one in the middle of the first row was a real firecracker, causing a stir with her devil costume on Halloween.

Slave overseer's house.

Slave grounds.

Slave house.

Mission bell in front of the slave quarters.

 Inside slave quarters. Obviously, no pictures were allowed on the walls then. 
The pictures here are of actual slaves at Laura Plantation in the 1800s.

The house where Alcee Fortier stayed and compiled the Compair Lapin stories.